Magnetic Drum Separators for dry applications suitable for free flowing solids, minerals etc.

Key Applications

  • Upgradation of non-ferrous minerals by removing magnetic impurities (eg. Silica, Feldspar, Calcite, Quartz etc., Chromite).
  • Magnetic concentration of metallic minerals (eg. Ilmenite, Garnet, Sponge iron).
  • Pre-concentration of coarse particles (Magnetite).
  • Scavenging moderately magnetic minerals prior to feeding to a WHIMS (hematite iron ore).
  • Particle Size Range: 0.050 mm to 50 mm.

Available Diameters and Width

  • Ø 305; Ø 381; Ø 610 and Ø 915 mm
  • Widths starting from 150 up to 3000 mm.


  • With electromagnetic vibratory feeders with provision for variable feed control.
  • Rubberised roll feeders with variable frequency drive to control feed rate.
  • Gravity fed hoppers for small capacity and small width drums.
  • Complete dust protected housing in mild steel / stainless steel.
  • Multiple drums in a single housing.
  • Multiple split discharge chutes.
  • Magnetic re-run or Nonmagnetic re-run as desired.
  • Low intensity drums: available with peak magnetic intensities of 1000-2000 gauss on drum surface.
    (Magnets used in these circuits are strontium ferrite / ceramic magnets.)
  • Medium Intensity Drums: available with peak magnetic intensities of 2500-7000 gauss on drum surface.
    (Nd-Fe-B rare earth magnets used in magnetic circuits)
  • Axially aligned alternating magnetic polarity to produce a sharp separation.

Laboratory Test Facilities

Malvern Engineering Works has set up a well-equipped laboratory at their Germiston works in Johannesburg. Facilities for laboratory testing of customer samples offered at this facility and customers are welcome to witness the test work on there.

Field Trials

Pilot scale machines can be offered / tailor made for specific applications for field trials at customer site with technical support from trained technicians.

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