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Malvern Engineering Works have a wide range of the suspended electro-magnets for removal of tramp iron from moving conveyors suitable for different conveyor widths, speeds and suspension heights.

We also offer more compact machines which uses forced oil cooled circuits for specialised applications.

Some of the special features of our suspended electro magnets are:

  • Oil cooled suspended electromagnets.
  • Oil expansion tank.
  • Fins on the body of the suspended magnet for better heat dissipation.
  • Forced cool design for better operating efficiency of the magnet (optional).
  • Both self-cleaning and manual cleaning type available.
  • Special Guarding for safety purpose.

Information required to by us to size the magnet:

  • Material being conveyed.
  • Maximum particle size of material being conveyed.
  • Capacity in MTPH.
  • Bulk density of material.
  • Material Temperature.
  • Conveyor belt speed in MPS.
  • Conveyor width.
  • Troughing angle of conveyor.
  • Conveyor inclination.
  • Size of tramp iron expected to be removed.
  • Whether required for ILMS (In-Line position) or CBMS (Cross belt position).

Air-Cooled Suspended Electro-magnet

We can also offer air cooled suspended electromagnet for applications where oil cooled magnets are not acceptable (particularly in cement industry). Please write to us for your requirement of air cooled suspended electro-magnet.

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