Rare Earth Roll Magnetic separators are ideally suited for applications that would satisfy the following criteria:
  1. Material is free flowing.
  2. Particle size is above 100 mesh (150 Microns)
  3. Objective is to clean the product of very feebly magnetic contaminants or eliminate non-magnetic fraction from a magnetic material.

An example of the former would be removing iron from Silica sand and that of the latter would be cleaning beach mineral sand components like ilmenite and garnet or concentrating rutile.

Applications in following industries:

  • Industrial Minerals including heavy mineral sands.
  • Ceramic Industry.
  • Plastic Industry.
  • Glass Industry

The rare earth roll magnetic separators are available in following sizes:
Diameter :100 mm, 150mm, 220 mm and 300mm.
Magnet Roll Widths : Maximum width available would be 1500 mm.
Peak magnetic intensity on magnetic roll surface that can be demonstrated with a gauss meter shall be 12,000 gauss.
Heat resistant belts and Kevlar belts can be made available in varying thickness depending upon the application requirement.

Major features offered are:

  • Low power consumption.
  • Permanent rare earth magnets used (Nd-Fe-B). Heat resistant magnets too can be offered.
  • Quick belt change mechanism available.
  • Available in multiple stages.
  • Reliable Belt tracking system.
  • Total enclosure design to make the equipment dust proof.

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