Available from Wedge Wire Industries, screens using difference wire profiles and grades to suit the clients’ specific needs. The unique shape of the wire provides many benefits, such as large open areas and reduced blinding when compared to other screen media. It can be custom made with a large selection of profiles and support rods.

Major Industries Served

• Mining and Mineral Processing

Wedge Wire Industries has long been recognized throughout the mining and aggregate processing industries for its inherent ability to cope with the most abrasive materials and heavy-duty applications. The products include, flat panel/vibrating screens, conical centrifuge baskets/dryers and sieve screens.

• Food Processing

Wedge wire products are available for the food and beverage industry as they will meet quality and hygienic requirements. Try our products for cost effective solution for the separation of valuable liquids and solids.

• Distilleries

Main applications are in the field of water, liquid effluents and industrial waste treatment, as well as in malt houses, breweries and distilleries.

• Water and Waste Water treatment

For water and wastewater industrial processes we can offer wedge wire systems for numerous applications. Products include intake screens, centrifuge baskets, laterals and underdrain systems.

• Sugar Industry

Applications range from Centrifugal Screens, Backing Screens, Vacuum Filter Screens, Drum/ Mud Filter Screen to Vibrating Screen, Grader and Hopper Screen in SS and other special screens.. Under

Some main Items Offered are:

  • Centrifuge Baskets
  • Screen Panels
  • Sieve Bends

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