Demagnetising Coils have been developed to demagnetise Magnetite and Ferro-magnetic medium flowing in a slurry through vertical pipelines, as in the case of concentrate exiting from a Wet Drum Magnetic Separator.
Demagnetising Coils are available in internal diameters of 4, 5, 6, 8 & 10 inch. Various other sizes are available on request.


The coil is made from varnished wire which is wound around a bobbin. The wire is protected from physical damage by stainless steel guards. The bobbin is made from electrical grade non metallic material. The coil winding is suitable for operating temperatures of 80 to 95 degree Celsius  and is protected from overheating by thermistors wound into the coil. The thermistors have a maximum cut-off point, pre-set at 105 degree Celsius and are terminated in An I.P. 55 terminal box.


The demagnetising coil can be suspended using wire ropes slings or by flanging the slurry line directly to the (Optional) HDPE pipe.


The Pipeline conveying the slurry medium must be of non-metallic material.
All Connections are made via a waterproof terminal box mounted on the underside of the coil. The thermistors may be connected to a thermistor relay (supplied by others). Failure to connect in conjunction with a thermistor relay will eliminate any form of overheating protection and may result in possible coil damage.
The coil should be mounted / suspended in such a way that it is protected from falling objects or splashing water.

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