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Suspended permanent magnets are positioned over moving conveyor belts in material handling applications with the intention of removing damaging tramp iron present in the moving material burden.

Suspended permanent magnets are ideally recommended for applications where the suspended height (distance between top of the conveyor belt and bottom of the magnet surface) does not exceed 300 mm. Suspended permanent magnets typically use ceramic magnets and are low on capital and operational cost as compared to suspended electromagnets.

The suspended permanent magnets are available suitable for the conveyor widths above which they are to be installed. Both self-cleaning type that has a motorised self-cleaning belt and a manual cleaning type suspended permanent magnets are available. For the manual cleaning suspended permanent magnets, we can offer sliding metal extraction plate as an option for ease of removal of the tramp metal caught by the magnet.

The suspended permanent magnets can be installed across the belt (cross-belt position) or on In-line position. It is important to note that there should not be any mild steel or magnetic steel parts below the magnets.
Please write to us with your application details and we will help you to select the tight size and appropriate equipment for your application.

Nomenclature for the models:

SP: Suspended Permanent
MC: Manual Cleaning
SC: Self Cleaning
L:W:H: Length, Width and Height of magnet in cm.
For special applications, we can also offer Rare Earth suspended magnets which use Nd-Fe-B high energy magnets.

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