Ceramic vacuum filters are popularly used for dewatering applications in the mineral industry – particularly for mineral concentrates. Ceramic discs are used in place of conventional filter cloth.
The major advantage of these filters is the saving in energy (power consumption) as there are no vacuum pumps required. The ceramic filters use the capillary effect to dewater the feed pulp.


  • Low cake moisture.
  • Solid content of filtrate will be less than 50ppm, which can be recycled.
  • Low energy consumption and low operating cost.
  • Filter cake cleaning system also available so that the cake is washed before dewatering.
  • Fully microprocessor controlled with PLC and fully automated.
  • Compact structure requiring smaller floor space.
  • Ease of maintenance.

Get in touch with us for your requirement. We would advise getting your sample tested to arrive at the suitability of these filters and to size the machine – specific to your application.

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