It is a solid-liquid separation equipment with high-efficiency, energy-saving and highly automated. This equipment combines the advantages of pump discharge pressure, gravity and air pressure or water pressure to form the differential pressure on both sides of the cloth in order to achieve the high efficiency solid-liquid separation. It is been widely used in sectors such as mining and metals.


  • Layered structure offers smooth operation.
  • All the operations comprising of filtering, extrusion, washing, drying, discharging the cake and regeneration of the filter cloth is accomplished automatically.
  • The filteration pressure can reach 1.6 Mpa.
  • Fully automated work cycle.
  • Compact structure, small footprint and large operating pressure.

Function Description:

Presently, it has applied in dehydration for mine and gangue, metallurgy, and dehydration for oxide in chemical industry, and electrolysis slag, leaching slag, as well as processing for sewage, polluted mud and waste acid.

Working Cycle:

  1. Filtrating Phase.
  2. Extrusion.
  3. Washing (optional).
  4. Air Drying.
  5. Cake Discharge.

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